6 examples of online video marketing done well

We see a lot of companies placing video on their websites and YouTube channels without much thought being given to whether the content will be of any real value to the audience or much benefit to the organization.  Dave Chase recently wrote a great article showcasing 10 wonderful examples from several different industries that offer fodder for those looking to hone their online video marketing approach.  The basic principle is to create content that is valuable and interesting, but how have others met that challenge and won?

  • Finance: Not a bad idea to spend some time succintly explaining complex financial products.  Consumers can use these videos to self-educate but field agents can also use them as resources with their client. Here’s  an example from Standard and Poor. I think they could go further and make videos that are actually not dry as toast but kudos for trying.
  • Travel: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Destinations realize if they give potential guests a deeper view into their product, they are more likely to be inspired to take that special trip.  However, too many destinations are obsessed with property overview videos and too few develop video content associated with all the fun and interesting things people can do in their area.  This second flavor of video is much more likely to get used by other blogs and websites and create more traffic-building opportunities for the destination.
  • Healthcare: It’s no secret the health issues are one of the most commonly researched topics online.  But guess what, people don’t actually enjoy reading 5 page articles on medical conditions.  The Cleveland Clinic, a leading healthcare provider, realizes that the best marketing it can do is sharing its experience and insights into various health and wellness issues, as through its Health Edge videocasts. Even at the community hospital level, the company often does community outreach via educational seminars that can easily be shared via online video.
  • Lifestyle: How-to videos are amongst the most popular videos for people to search for and share online. Yoga Today gives away a sampling of its video library with the goal of people wanting even more. The best part is that the smaple videos get picked up by other blogs and websites. Imagine your video doing your marketing for you.
  • Retail and ecommerce: Organizations such as create video to give their customers ideas for parties. Naturally, during the course of the videos, they highlight use of their products. Retailers of home improvement products, such as Sears and Home Depot, are increasingly investing in video.  In fact, Home Depot’s how-to video library is one of the most inspired pieces of online video marketing from a retail company that I have seen.  Too bad they don’t make more of it and make it a primary feature of the site as opposed to something you have to dig for.
  • Toy makers: When you have a passionate audience that happens to be full of content creators who love to post things online you would be well served to ride that wave. For instance,  searches for Lego creations and dominoes creations demonstrate. Toy makers are embracing these aficionados of their products and giving them a venue to post video of their creations, allow others to comment, share these videos, and more.
  • Technology: Tech companies picked up fairly early on that videos are a great way to explain how their products work and what they can do to help you. We don’t need videos of sponges in action but video of complex software in action definitely helps.  Sometimes, videos can bring the product to life in surprising ways.  One of the more innovative examples has been Intuit’s programs around TurboTax. Its TaxRap and TaxLaugh video contests have drawn a wide array of entries and brought fun to a category few

So let’s resists that impulse to place a corporate video or commercial on YouTube just to say you have some video online.  Done well, video marketing communicates in special ways and has the benefit of being portable social content that others can move around the web so that it actually works ot find your audience and market your company.

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