Shrimp Suspended in Green Jello Mold

bad food art shrimp aspic

In the annals of Bad Food Art, there is a consistent theme around the concept of food being presented in a molded shape.  Anytime you can take a series of ingredients and make them appear to be something altogether outside anything that occurs in the natural world it represents a triumph of human technology.  Jello molds are the consummate example of this (though they are closely rivaled by the “loaf” which may get it’s own wing in the Bad Food Art Museum soon).

In this example, the contrast of the pale pink cooked shrimp floating in a bundt mold of green gelatin is enhanced by being stuffed with a white salad of apples and some additional mysterious pale matter that likely includes overly generous amounts of mayonnaise.  I remember jello molds always finding their way to the family dinner table.  I have such vivid memories of them that I can completely imagine what the shrimp mold tastes like.  It’s actually ok.  I am a bit frightened by that.



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