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Spinning off this recent article that lists the Top Eight Social Media Campaign Management Tools I thought I’d add two more that I like and make it an even 10 tools that can really help social media marketers better engage their audiences and track results. There is a always a great deal of movement in the industry as new services launch and existing ones change hands or get acquired. My hope is that this list will still be accurate at least 17 seconds after I publish it.

1. WildFire
Wildfire allows you to create quizzes, contests, coupons, virtual gifts etc and distribute them to social networking sites. It also allows user to send multiple updates to different and multiple social networking sites.

2. Awareness Social marketing software
Awareness Social marketing software is a enterprise class tool which has wider perspective of social media marketing. It integrates all the social networking sites control like updating on multiple account and engaging with people. Further, it also has comprehensive ROI measuring features embedded in the system. It is mainly targeted to bigger enterprise (meaning that is on the more expensive side).

3. Buddy Media
Buddy Media also allows multiple account management from twitter and facebook . In addition, they have included lots of case studies from large brands. They allow users to manage and monitor campaign as well.

4. CoTweet
CoTweet gives more like a dashboard experience where you can view all the updates and schedule tweets. User can even track keywords and monitor the brands. It recently was acquired by ExactTarget so it will be interesting to see how that integration plays out.

5. Hootsuite
Along with CoTweet, Hootsuite is one of the more popular tools for managing accounts from one dashboard. Users can integrate multiple account from different sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ), view their streams, track their statistics and schedule to multiple accounts. Recently, they have even included the people management part where different person can be given different roles.

6. ObjectiveMarketer
ObjectiveMarketers has the inclusion of almost all the important sites from Twitter to YouTube. It also allows easy status updates to multiple account, branding the landing page, tracking click statistics and managing users role. It has also recently added some brand monitoring part to it. The most interesting feature of it is the ability to brand landing pages using customizable frames. Their tracking goes farther than most at helping to generate ROI statistics.

7. Socialtalk
Similar to all the above services, Socialtalk integrates Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and MoveableType. Allows multiple channel updates and work-flow management, scheduling and other features. SocialTalk is geared towards businesses where there is a matrixed approval process that posting activity has to pass through before it can go live.

8. Buzzom Premium
Buzzom Premium is also one of the most useful tool in social media management. It has comprehensive twitter activity monitoring dashboard, integration of sites like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fan Page and MySpace). User can easily schedule messages to these sites and even plan the whole campaign in an excel sheet and just upload. Recently, it has added a brand tracking facility which allows user to track keywords and engage with people. I like their Twitter follower management features that seem better thought out than most others.

9. Involver
Involver offers dozens of off-the-shelf but customizable Facebook apps that can really increase the types of interactions that you can offer through your Facebook fan pages. The have a basic free level and then two additional levels of paid access. I particularly like their photo gallery tool and the app for creating and sharing coupons.

10. ScoutLabs
Scoutlabs is my preferred tool for social media monitoring. The key to Scoutlabs is that it is not trying to do too much but what it does do it actually does very well and it is easy to use. It makes it easy to create searches that weed out all the irrrelevant results. It also has work-flow management tools so that a team of people can collaborate on engaging the online conversation around a brand.

Hope these help you out. Let me know of others that you think belong on this list. 10 does not have to be the magic number.

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