Twitter use up, Facebook audience older says Pew Survey

I enjoy the research published by the Pew Internet and American Life Project because it is not motivated by any particular agenda. So it came as a surprise to me to learn that they are reporting that 19% of those recently surveyed use Twitter or “some other form of status update service (not quite sure what they mean by this). This is up from 11% only 1 year ago. I know that Twitter is fast-growing but since Pew generally reports more conservative numbers than other surveys this is impressive.  Additionall, the same survey is showing that the median age for Facebook users is rising:  Up to 33 from 26 only 1 year ago–big jump!
Here’s a link to the full survey but I’ll also list some of the key findings below:

  • Tweeters tend to be under 49 and the audience skews slightly female
  • Twitter users are still less than half the number of other social network users but they are the fastest growing group
  • Mobile users and people with multiple devices are more likely to Tweet

Here’s a chart showing the disparity in the age ranges of Twitter users:

As the demographics of our social media audiences continues to evolve it suggests that we should expect to use different communication strategies across each platform according to what suits not only the functionality of the platform but the different audiences adn modes of use (i.e. mobile versus computer).  How are you adapting?

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