Velveeta- Golden Glory

bad food art velveeta

I believe we all secretly fear that Velveeta is made from the same basic materials as traffic cones.  When it is depicted that way it only drives home the realization that have no idea what we are putting in our bodies.

When I first began assembling the Bad Food Art Museum, I thought that the 1950s exuberance over all things heavily manufactured or processed was lighthearted and fun.  It is, but as I have become more aware of the challenges created by our American diet,  I also began to realize that this time period is the ground zero of the bad food bomb the fallout of which continues to settle over us today.

At that time, we were amazed by what we could manufacture in all facets of life.  Unnatural, man-made food products were alluring, space-age, and advanced.  Frozen manufactured meals, food stuffed into cans, or food made to look like something other than what it is were products of post-war industrial optimism.  We expressed our fascination with the new age of food by depicting it being served in surreal abundance with portions big enough to feed a population.

Also I have no idea what’s going on with those tomatoes.

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